The simplest way to receive Bitcoin from your customers.

SetGetGo's pricing structure is fixed at 0.0005 BTC per transaction. You can start receiving Bitcoin from your customers right now, no account required.

Receive Bitcoin with a button

Use our button wizard to create your purchase button.

Receive Bitcoin with a link

Accept Bitcoin with a simple URL.

Receive Bitcoin with our API

Receive Bitcoin with our safe and easy to use API.

No registration

No account or user registration is required in order to use SetGetGo. By leveraging the beauty of crypto payments in addition to the smart way in which we receive and forward them, your coins are safe by design.

No hidden fees

We apply a 0.0005 BTC flat fee for each successful transaction. It doesn't matter how much the transaction is for, we will always only charge a flat fee. This is in accordance to the beautiful and elegant design of Bitcoin.

Simple to use

Whether you're using our simple HTML form for receiving payments on your Blog or leveraging the power of our deceptively easy API, we have designed our payments system to be effortless.


The moment we receive a confirmed payment, we will forward it on to the merchant address specified. This typically happens within 2 minutes!

Accept Bitcoin payments for your customers

Use our simple button and link generator tools to start accepting Bitcoin in minutes.

Receive Bitcoin payments directly into your own wallet without any effort. Once a payment is confirmed, we send the funds to your wallet within minutes.

Accept Bitcoin using our Point of Sale app

SetGetGo - Checkout is the easiest way to accept Bitcoin on mobile devices.

Accept payments in your local currency, the app will convert them conveniently to BTC for payment. The app works as a virtual terminal (Point of Sale) and usability is simple, intuitive and quick to learn.

Get it on Google Play
SetGetGo - Checkout Android app available on Google Play

Payment Processors

Gateway Account Required Fee
Bitpay YES 1% per transaction
Bitcoinpay YES 0.8% per transaction
Coingate YES 1% per transaction
Coinpayments YES 0.5% per transaction
Stripe YES 0.5% per transaction
SetGetGo NO 0.0005 BTC per transaction
0.0005 BTC per transaction


We take customer service very seriously.
We know, you are our gold.

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Comprehensive API

Our API is that simple! You just need a single GET call to create a new payment request.

API documentation