About us

At SetGetGo we believe that Bitcoin is the future of payments.

Accept Bitcoin. Easy.

SetGetGo is a Bitcoin payment processor. We aim to facilitate simple and stress-free payments for merchants and consumers, big or small. SetGetGo was founded from the frustration of having to deal with payment processors that charged percentage based fees. In setting up a new crypto-based business of our own, we found ourselves constantly having to take into account that the existing processors were going to demand a fairly significant chunk of our earnings through percentage-based fees.

Did you know that it costs the same for the Bitcoin network to process a single transaction for a million dollars as it does for a single dollar?

With this in mind, and in an effort to streamline our own earnings at the time, in 2016 we decided to start our own payment processor and offer our services to other businesses at a flat fee, irrespective of the amount processed. The result is a simple service with mostly predictable and very much affordable fees.

We offer a variety of services to let you accept Bitcoin in your business! You can accept payments using our dedicated buttons form or generate payments URL, which you can then share via Twitter or Facebook; You can also accept payments simply using your email address via our dedicated service SetGetGo.My. If you are a developer or looking for a more customized experience, we worked very hard to offer an extremely powerful, and yet very easy to use, Developer API which lets you generate payment transactions with a single GET request.

The possibilities are endless.

Meet the team

Wesley Brandi

CEO & Co-Founder

Wesley Brandi holds a PhD in Computer Science and is an engineering powerhouse. As a former Microsoft veteran, Wesley developed features for Bing, Internet Explorer, SmartScreen, Windows and more.

Jim Carden

CBDO & Co-Founder

Jim is an entrepreneur and former executive with an international legal support firm. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur he worked as a Special Agent for a federal law enforcement agency.